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Why is the cruise a better choice for exploring the area of Protaras?

Choosing Protaras for a carefree vacation and you do not know what to choose first? Its area is renown for its beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters. So your acquaintance with the surrounding area, should definitely start from the sea. The options you have may limit you, but if you visit the wharf of Protaras you will find out that the main activity starts from there where you will find several boats with each one offering something different, so you choose the right one according to your needs, either to see the area at sea with a daily route or to rent a boat for a more personalized pleasure. Believe me and maybe it is the most economical solution to see the whole area, whether you are a family or a couple or even alone.

Boating is a choice that will reward sea lovers and a unique experience to discover the island from a different panoramic perspective. The eastern side of the island starts from the peninsula of Cape Greco and ends at the Kapparris beach and the view of the ghost city of Famagusta. By boating you will be able to see the entire coastline of the touristic area of Protaras, which belongs to the town of Paralimni and of course the trademark of the area the windmills, which have stood there for decades and where they were used for the area’s irrigation.
At sea you will discover hidden coves, which you may want to visit and you will gaze at all the beaches of Protaras. Then, you will be able to enjoy the grandeur of nature’s creation, which is none other than the caves in Cape Greco, where from the boat you will be able to see them from a distance and capture exquisite moments with your camera. In the area of Cape Greco between the imposing rocks, you will be able to swim and cool off in the famous blue lagoon, which looks like a blue lake.

But the adventure does not end here, since if you choose to take a boat trip for an afternoon excursion, you will understand why Protaras is also so romantic at sea. Its sunset has nothing to envy from any of the other islands of Greece, since it is so magical that a pandemonium of colours unfolds in front of you among its blue waters. Whether you choose day or afternoon, the view is equally magnificent. The moments are unique and the photos you will be able to take will reward you. A boat ride around the area is the best way to meet Protaras which will give you unforgettable moments.